Direct Mail is still king for response rates

Direct mail, which has always been one of the most effective media for response rate has proven itself once again. In a recent Response Rate Report for 2015 direct mail produced over seven times the results of all digital channels combined according to the Direct Marketing Association. Direct Mail response rates were 10 times greater than that of E mail alone. What has been happening is that individuals and businesses just can't keep up with the volume of e mail that they receive. The end result is that people just aren't able to sort through their e-mail on a daily basis. Think about your own e mail experience, the first thing most people do when inundated with too much mail is to start to delete the mail that they don't recognize the sender or think that it is just a sales pitch. By contrast, according to the US Postal Service 98% of people check their mail on a daily basis which gives marketers a much better chance that their mail and messages will be read. Bottom line direct mail should be part of everyone's marketing efforts. One of the best ways to drive people to your website is Direct mail.

The response rates for all the other digital categories were as follows; Internet displays 0.02%, Paid Search 0.10%, Social Media 0.10%, Email 0.10%, Mobile 0.20% and the big winner again Direct Mail with 3.70%. For help making Direct Mail part of your marketing strategy call us at 508-966-9444 for a FREE initial phone consultation.