Consulting Services

Public Relations

Keeping your name in front of the public in a favorable light is the end product of Public Relations. We will help you develope the concepts and projects that fit this mold and we will help you find the community partners you need to execute your efforts. We will show you how to attract the media coverage  your company deserves as you do things to help your community, your industry and your customers at large.

Market Resarch

Giving your customers what they want is one the keys to building your sales. Knowing what to offer them, when and for how much is the job of good research. Having a good demographic profile on your existing customers and data about their buying patterns will show you who to look for when it comes to targeting new customers. Knowing their preferences, opinions attitudes and beliefs will gives you the knowledge you need to exploit conditions in the market place to your advantage. The more you investigate the less you will have to invest.

Market Planning and Strategy

It's hard to take your business anywhere if you don't first have a plan on how you will get there. In todays competitive economy you better have a cost effective way of developing qualified leads and converting them into sales. Marketing partnerships, Public Relations, Sales promotion, Events, Direct Mail, Newsletters and Advertising are all important parts of the mix. If you are seriously motivated to grow your business our consulting team can help you achive steady growth. Ask about our Guarantee.